5 / 30 / 2019. It's taken us a little time to get out and about. It was raining the past few days, and we have been a little slow on the uptake. The good news is the tram system in Prague works very well and we are semi-confident that we can get where we want to go. We are staying in a beautiful guest house with all the conveniences we need. It is situated on the Westerly side of Prague and has a beautiful garden and yard. Today we went to the Petrin Hill, that has an incline railway and an observation tower you can walk up - 229 stairs. Nice view, but then you get to walk down. We did a little shopping, some lovely salmon for dinner, broke out the shorts for the first time and sat out on the deck and felt nice and warm from the sun. Prague is a beautiful old city and so far our biggest obstacle is the language and the money. They are in the EU but use Krones. 1000 Krone is about $43. Have not walked around with anything that had a thousand on it ever.

One of the most amazing art works we have seen is the monument to the Communist Victims. Ghostlike victims descending a staircase. There is a steel line running down the middle and stonework that names many of the thousands killed and imprisoned by the Communists


6 /01 / 2019.  Today we went into Prague with a plan to test out our path to take the river cruise at night that we signed up for . That worked fine until we went looking for the clock tower that had this amazing clock. It was as usual an intimate affair with just Ginger and I and 20,000 of our closest friends. The clock hits the hour and then the 12 apostles put in a special guest appearance in windows above the clock face. It's fabulous unless you fall asleep waiting in the hot sun for this over hyped event. Everyone there cheered when the bell rang out, but that was about as much excitement that was generated, unless you count the special guest appearances by the Big 12, or the huge drink with multiple long straws a few of the locals purchased We then proceeded  to look for the tram and spent an hour looking for the spot to catch the right tram. Long story short, we found our way, got some groceries, purchased some original Budweiser, (the best I ever had) and a few fixing for dinner. Onward and upward.

Prague River Cruise

We don't do a lot of this kind of thing, but it was a nice break and a chance for some night shooting, a good dinner, a good bottle of wine (who knew?) and a little different perspective of the city.

The Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague

6 / 4 /2019. This is a very interesting cemetery and museum in Prague that was started around 1439 and used up until 1786. The museum also documents the tens of thousands of Czech Jews that were murdered by the Germans during WWII. The whole Cemetery might be a square city block and has somewhere near 100,000 people buried there. Back in the day they were stacked (up to 12 layers deep)  and Just kept moving the headstones. All this happened before the holocaust, but the Jewish community celebrates  ancient history and also has a very moving tribute and description of the more recent events of the war.