Wiesbaden, Germany

5 / 18 / 2019.  It was a dark and stormy night. We got off the airplane in Frankfort and proceeded to get in the cab from hell. Long story short, an unplanned night in a hotel, could have been in jail, never actually seeing our apartment the first night, and being generally grumpy, we made it to our beautiful place.. Wiesbaden is exactly what we needed. Off the tourist treadmill in a beautiful, quiet, green and unbelievably beautiful place. Lovely apartment with all the amenities we need. Close to the train, supermarket, and enough Hansel and Gretel trails to satisfy anyone. The food is wonderful, affordable and better than anything we have at home. Good wine starts at about $3 a bottle.  There is a berry stand near the grocery store that sells the sweetest, best strawberries we have ever had. What else do I need to say. 

Frankfurt, Germany

5 / 23 / 2019. Took us a bit to figure out, but we made it to Frankfurt again. This time it was a beautiful warm spring day. Probably the best full day we have had since our trip began. Frankfurt is a beautiful city with amazing architecture. We had a great day in the city.

Wiesbaden, Germany

5 / 25 /2019 We went to Neroberg which is a beautiful park on top of a hill, overlooking Wiesbaden. We took the Nerobergbahn Railroad which is a cog railway up to the top where we found a Russian Orthodox Church, a vineyard, a bar , a monument to fallen soldiers, and a great view of the city. I have to say it was strange to see a monument to fallen soldiers that our country was probably responsible for them needing a monument. Just another reminder that war has devastating effects all who participate. Everyone thinks they are the righteous participant, and God is on their side, and we just end up with more monuments on both sides. No one wins

Rudesheim am Rhein

A great day in Germany! Perfect weather mid 70's, a beautiful place, fabulous food, a tram ride to the top of a mountain overlooking the Rhein Valley, vineyards and the city of  Rudescheim am Rhein. There is a monument at the top of this mountain put up by Kaiser Willhelm, and we don't even care what it was for, the place is so beautiful. We had to keep reassuring each other that we were actually here, it is like a dream. I had a potato and leek quiche with a salad and herb sauce , Ginger had white asparagus soup and a salad. A  glass of some local wine and it was a perfect meal. Today was just one of those exceptional days that we will remember forever.