Dublin , Ireland

Latest stop on the tour is Dublin. To be more specific, we are in Donabate, a lovely suburb to the North of Dublin. We arrived about 4:30 PM yesterday 5/9/2019 and I only had time to take a few shots of where we are staying, off to dinner at a local pub. The weather here is the best we have seen on the trip. It was beautiful , but cool yesterday and just beautiful today until later in the afternoon when it started raining again. We took the train into Dublin this morning and for the two of us it was about $15 round trip and about 25 minutes each way. Very reasonable and comfortable. We got one of those hop on, hop off tours and started at Trinity College Library and ended up at tour of the Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate.

Donabate Beach and Cliff Walk

Took a bit of a stroll this morning, down to Donabate Beach. About a mile and a half from where we are staying. It was cool and breezy and beautiful weather again. I guess we walked 6 .5 miles or so, but on a beautiful day it was great fun. 5/11/2019

Newbridge Park - Donabate, Ireland

We took another little hike today 5/12/2019, to Newbridge Park , a beautiful park , nature preserve and history museum.. We never made it to the museum, it was so beautiful walking around, we took a picnic lunch and just had great day in lovely weather.

Howth, Ireland

5/13/2019 - A nice little side trip today to Howth which is just on the other side of the bay from Dublin. A beautiful day for walking and we walked a LOT. We walked to the top go the big hill to get some views, but never found what we were looking for. Probably walked 8 to 10 miles. Had some exceptional calamari at O'Connels pub in Howth. Probably the best we have had since Captain Cook in Anchorage., really good, and with a pint of Guinness to boot.

Cork, Ireland

Got here yesterday afternoon 5 / 14/ 2019 and made it up to our place just in time for a power outage. Couldn't get in until the owner called someone in the building. Cork is beautiful, like all Irish cities, and really hilly. Here's the first look.

Kinsale, Ireland

Kinsale is a beautiful little town southwest of Cork near the ocean. It is supposed to be the gourmet food center of Ireland.

Most of the really good restaurants were closed when we got there, but we had a fabulous lunch a t a place called Jim Edwards. We also managed to walk off any lunch ...10 to 12 miles. A gray day but not too cold.  We walked out to the ruins of Fort Charles, originally built by the Spanish in the 1600's when they came with their armadas.