London 4/28/2019. 5/6/2019

London is an amazing big city. 8.1+ million people. It is by far the most expensive city we have been in since we started. Rick Steves claims that they have the most expensive mass transportation of anywhere in the world. I believe him. We spent 92 pounds, somewhere North of $120 for a 7 day pass for two. That being said the Tube seems to be very efficient and you can pretty much go where you want , when you want. It can also be very busy and very crowded.


In keeping with the high cost of everything else, you can spend a whole lot on food.We try to shop for as many meals as we can at the grocery store, but when you are out and about that can be problematic. It is quite a shock coming from Porto where everything was so reasonable. We had lunch at a Subway the other day and it was reasonable. Lunch at a Pub can run 30 to 50 pounds without even trying.


Like everywhere else we have been, Londoners seem friendly and willing to help. Just walking around town you can hear every conceivable language, you may actually hear English, but not as much as everything else.

Royal Gardens at Kew 5/2/2019

We had wanted to see the Kew Gardens as soon as we found out about them. The great added bonus was that there was a Chiluly show as well. 32 separate installations. We walked almost steady from 10:30 in the morning until we left about 4:30 in the afternoon. You could not possibly see everything in the 300 plus acres, but we tried. It was for the most part a beautiful day in  one of the most spectacular gardens in the world, that also happened to have a beautiful art show. A wonderful place to be!

The Tate Modern. 4/5/2019

Last day trip to the Tate Modern Art Museum, one of the best art museums on the planet. As usual we really didn't have anywhere near the time required to see a lot, but what we saw was spectacular. They also had a viewing area on the 9th floor so we got a little different perspective on London.. Also saw a bit of a tribute service to fallen firefighters on the way back from downtown.