Scotland - Edinburg May 6 -7, 2019

When we first got here the sun actually came out for a while and even though it was a bit cold , it was beautiful. Coming in on the train from London it was in and out of the clouds the whole trip. Rain, sun, rain, sun. But today was generally miserable. Cold and cloudy and windy and rainy all day. We were supposed to go on a walking tour, but could never find it so we just wandered all day. Found a lot of interesting things including an old graveyard and another good pub. Ginger actually ordered haggis and it was pretty good. That girl is brave.

Highland Castle and Scotch Tour

Pretty touristy, but we are after all, tourists. Went to Stirling Castle, Loch Lomand, and Glengoyne distillery. Absolutely beautiful, and great to get out of the city. The countryside is so lush and green, it is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. We got to see some famous battle sites and heard all about the Scottish heroes who fought in them and about the centuries long animosity with England. Had a great time.